workSMART Ergonomics Ltd - The best Return-On-Investment

ABCRC was incurring injuries in our workplace that resulted in a loss of 91 days in the previous two years resulting in being placed under scrutiny by WCB and Occupational Health & Safety.

workSMART Ergonomics Ltd. was contacted and a meticulous review of each step in our process was identified, documented, analyzed and critical stress points targeted.

With the detail complied in the physical demands analysis, areas of employee stress was highlighted and recommendations made to alleviate predominant personal injuries.

Following the direction of the highly trained and motivating staff of workSMART, we changed our process, engineering out one of the worst positions on the plant floor.

We now have completed three years of no Lost Time Claims in one plant (which had the highest number of claims) and one year for the second plant. The first time in 32 years of operations the company has experienced no claims!  Not a single day lost in over two years!

In my opinion...."the best Return-On-Investment I have ever experienced!"

A huge "Thank-you!" to the workSMART Ergonomics Ltd team!  Keep up the great work!

R. Panas

Health & Safety Coordinator

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation

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