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Please stop by and visit us at any of these upcoming conferences and trade fairs:

  • 42nd Annual Industrial Safety Seminar  Feb 2-3, 2015 Regina SK                                       www.sasksafety.org  for more information
  • Western Conference on Safety April 22, 2015 Vancouver B.C.                                                                                

    “Implementing a Successful Fatigue Risk Management System.”

    Worker/Operator/Supervisor fatigue is a major issue on any worksite where         long hours, shift work or extreme conditions exist. Whether it's control room operators or maintenance staff, commercial drivers or emergency responders, nursing teams or factory workers, cumulative fatigue and decreased alertness can result in impaired performance, reduced health, and a significant increase  in risk to an organization's stakeholders and operations. Research clearly shows a direct link between fatigue and serious or catastrophic workplace accidents or incidents. Assessing for fatigue and implementing appropriate controls is critical in shift and extended hours operations. This workshop will review the key ingredients behind implementing a successful Fatigue Risk Management System. Does your organization have what it takes?


    $395 per person Up to March 20, 2015

    $470 per person After March 20, 2015

    GST Extra                 

  • on line registration www.pacificsafetycenter.com/wcs15/index.htm     
  • or by email registration@pacificsafetycenter.com or phone 6042331842
  • CIM EXPO (Canadian Institute of Mining)  May 10-12, 2015                                                                            Montreal, QB              www.cim.org  for more information
  • CSSE 2015 Professional Development Conference  Sept 20-23, 2015                                                         Ottawa Ontario           www.csse.org for more information
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