Office Ergonomics Assessor Workshop

Useful for:  Facilities Managers, Supervisors, Safety Professionals, H&S committees, HR staff, Ergonomics Coordinators

The goal of this one day office ergonomics training session is to train individuals how to establish and maintain an in-house office ergonomics program that will optimize worker efficiency and the prevention of injuries.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Design the process that will become the foundation of the program and provide sustainability 
  • Perform ergonomic workstation assessments and provide feedback to management and workers
  • Assist in proper workstation layout, set up and equipment utilization
  • Evaluate the necessity of retrofitting and/or procurement of new office furnishings, equipment and accessories
  • Facilitate effective return to work strategies.

Participants will be educated in the following core activities:

  • How to incorporate and streamline an in-house ergonomics process with existing business systems, including identification of specific roles and responsibilities
  • How to properly adjust and optimize current furnishings and accessories to meet the needs of the workforce
  • How to identify common workstation hazards that lead to the development of discomfort and injury
  • How to build in adaptability to accommodate the majority of workers
  • How to evaluate and choose appropriate accessories for at-risk employees 
  • How to measure the success of specific interventions and the ergonomics process as a whole

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