Fatigue Management Workforce Training: 

Coping with Shift Work

Useful for:  Shift workers, family members, supervisors, H&S Committees

It's not easy being a shift worker, or a shift worker's spouse. It's difficult to sleep, you have little energy, you're arguing more and more with your family, and your stomach has never given you so much trouble.  

This shift work training session is designed to sensitize supervisors, workers and family members on the effects of shift work and cumulative fatigue. Workers will learn how to maximize their energy, alertness, safety and performance while minimizing the effects of fatigue.

Fatigue management training topics Include

  • Understanding circadian rhythms 
  • Short and long term effects of shift work
  • Optimizing sleep
  • The rules of napping
  • Sleep disorders and medications
  • Safety and alertness strategies including driving activities
  • Managing social and family schedules
  • Defining impairment
  • Nutrition and meal planning strategies
  • Fitness strategies to stabilize rhythms and enhance sleep

Contact us at 1-888-932-7955 or info@worksmart.ca for more information or to arrange for training.

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