Proactive Office Ergonomics Assessments

Our ergonomics consultants will focus on optimizing the existing workstation and furnishings to the employee while providing education on healthy work habits.  

Is a proactive assessment right for me?

Proactive ergonomics assessments are designed to cover the basics of good office ergonomics and are not meant for addressing specific complaints of discomfort or injury.

A proactive ergonomics assessment is appropriate when:

  • More than one workstation is being addressed and individuals are pain and symptom free 
  • New office equipment or workstations are being introduced 
  • Management wants to implement a proactive approach to the prevention of injuries to a number of employees

If you have a specific worker that does not meet this criteria, a Reactive Office Ergonomics Assessment is the appropriate choice.

Please note that minimum quantities apply.  A summary report is provided back to management.

Proactive Assessments Combined with Training 

If you have a number of workstations to be assessed, a group ergonomics training session followed by individual proactive assessments eliminates the need to repeat the same information to each employee and ensures that all critical points are covered in a timely and efficient manner. 

For more information on employee ergonomics training, visit our Training page.

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