Job / Physical Demands Analysis

workSMART's ergonomics specialists create unparalleled high quality reports documenting the demands of a job function or position. Depending on your needs we can perform a physical demands analysis, or a more detailed job demands analysis.

Physical Demands Analysis

A physical demands analysis, or PDA, is based on measured physical factors associated with a position or job function, such as lifting, bending, or reach requirements. PDAs are especially valuable in the return to work process, and compensation boards in various provinces request PDAs when a claims comes in.

Job Demand Analysis

A job demand analysis, or JDA, is more in-depth and includes physical as well as environmental, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial requirements. It is the natural evolution of the PDA and what proactive companies are incorporating into their heath and safety processes.

workSMART's PDAs and JDAs provide added value:

  • Quantify physical as well as environmental, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial demands by task.
  • Provide health professionals with a standard to compare fitness and functional capabilities
  • Assist in the claims management process (validation of injury)
  • Aid in the establishment of standard operating procedures
  • Identify musculoskeletal hazards and ergonomic red flags
  • Identify health, safety or biomechanical skills training requirements
  • Assist in the establishment of accurate job descriptions
  • Act as an orientation document for new hires to familiarize themselves with the demands of the job they are applying for
  • Specify bona fide occupational requirements
  • Aid in the development of legally defensible post offer employment testing (POET) and functional capacity evaluation tests
  • Provide direction to job specific rehabilitation or work conditioning processes
  • Assist in identifying appropriate modified duties or return to work processes / schedules

Physical Demands Summary (Physician's Letter)

We recognize that our reports contain a lot of good information that not every end-user requires. That's why with every report, we also supply a condensed Physical Demands Summary (physician's letter) intended to simplify the physician's role in the assessment of an injury or return to work process.

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