Industrial / Field Ergonomics Risk Assessments

Remove barriers to quality, productivity, efficiency and safety by fitting products, tasks and environments to people, not the other way around. workSMART's ergonomics assessments are designed with that in mind.

At workSMART, our ergonomics experts understand that every organization is unique. We work with your organization to understand your challenges and provide practical, cost-effective solutions based on science and best practices.

Interested in training personnel to perform basic ergonomics assessments and how to effectively incorporate ergonomics into your organization? Consider our Ergonomics Systems Specialist Designation course.

To ensure optimal fit, workSMART's ergonomics consultants use a variety of validated ergonomics methods. We can help you with the following:

  • Identification of physical, environmental, and organizational hazards
  • Quantification of risk
  • Selection and implementation of risk control strategies based on workSMART's control hierarchy and cost-benefit analysis
  • Evaluation of control strategies
  • Design & redesign of industrial workstations, tools, equipment and work systems
  • Return to work assessments to help individuals reintegrate into the workforce
  • Usability testing to ensure best fit, safety and efficiency
Looking for training for your workforce, OHS committee or management?  Visit our Training webpage.

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