Industrial / Field Ergonomics Consulting

workSMART ergonomics is an industry leader in providing ergonomics consulting services to industrial and field operations. From oil & gas to health care, get the best working for you.

Job Demands Analysis / Physical Demands Analysis

Unlike traditional, reactive PDA reports, workSMART's consultants provide unparalleled multipurpose documents that are broken down by task and capture the physical, environmental, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial demands of a job function or position. By doing so, we put the "analysis" back into your PDA or JDA.

Ergonomics Risk Assessments

Remove barriers to quality, productivity, efficiency and safety by fitting products, tasks and environments to people, not the other way around. From hazard identification and risk assessment to control solutions tailored to your organization, workSMART's ergonomics experts use evidence-based tools to come up with cost-effective solutions that clearly outline your ROI. 

 Consider attending Canada's only Ergonomics Systems Specialist certification  course and receive an ESS designation.

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