Consulting & Assessment Services

workSMART provides a wide variety of ergonomics consulting and ergonomics assessment services to help protect your organization's bottom line and your employees' health and safety.

Industrial / Field Ergonomics

Whether it's a Job or Physical Demands Analysis, or Ergonomics Risk Assessment, we've got you covered. workSMART's ergonomics experts deliver high quality reports give you the information you need in a format you can use.

Office Ergonomics

workSMART provides a variety of services to meet your needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. From return to work assessments to proactive assessments and training, workSMART can help.

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Ergonomics Programming

Need guidance developing an ergonomics program? Require an audit of an existing program? Looking to incorporate ergonomics into purchasing decisions? workSMART has the experience and expertise to guide you.

Fatigue Management

Whether it's control room operators, maintenance staff, emergency responders or factory workers, cumulative fatigue and decreased alertness can result in decreased performance, reduced health, and a significant increase in risk to an organization's operations. Assessing for fatigue and designing appropriate countermeasures is critical in shift operations.

Facility Design

Incorporating ergonomics at the earliest design stages will increase your return on investment. From the planning stages through detailed design, procurement thorough installation, operations and maintenance, workSMART's ergonomics consultants can ensure the design is for your work and your workforce--from start to finish.

Equipment Design

Have workers raised concerns about existing equipment or workstations? Considering the purchase of new tools or devices? workSMART can provide direction on redesign or assist in the development of purchasing criteria.

Operating Equipment and Vehicle Ergonomics

Whether it's a car, truck or front end loader, protect workers by assessing their suitability for the work at hand. workSMART can help determine suitable fleet purchases, redesign of interiors to accommodate administration work, examine risk exposures, and of course, evaluate seating features.

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