Fatigue Risk Assessment

Whether it's control room operators, maintenance staff, emergency responders or factory workers, cumulative fatigue and decreased alertness can result in decreased performance, reduced health, and a significant increase in risk to an organization's operations. In some cases, even public safety is jeopardized.

If you're worried about the impact of fatigue at the jobsite, workSMART can,

  • Complete fatigue hazard identification and risk assessment of current job activities and shift schedules
  • Assess incidents for fatigue as a contributing factor
  • Determine the need for fatigue or alertness detection monitoring systems

workSMART will identify hazards using a variety of tools ranging from an examination of lagging indicators and current fatigue management practices to consideration of cognitive and physical demands of the job, environmental impacts, and of course, workforce demographics.

As in everything we do, workSMART's fatigue risk assessment process is aligned with regulatory bodies, national and international standards associations, and current human factors principles.

Learn how your organization can incorporate effective operational and preventative fatigue countermeasures. Contact workSMART for more information at 1-888-932-7955 or info@worksmart.ca.

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