Fatigue Management Program Design

Consider the following:

  • Has fatigue been identified as a contributing factor to incidents in your organization?
  • Are you in compliance with provincial / federal acts and regulations related to fatigue?
  • Are you in sync with CSA / ISO / NIOSH standards and industry recommended practices?
  • What are employees saying about fatigue and their schedules?

An effective, systematic approach to fatigue management requires an organization to implement operational and preventative measures. It also requires employees to personally adopt a shift worker's lifestyle using proven strategies--yes, shift work is a lifestyle, not a schedule.

Based on consultations with stakeholders and the results of a fatigue risk assessment, the right fatigue management program can be developed for your organization.

By building a solid fatigue management program from the foundation up, you will

  • Reduce errors and omissions
  • Reduce worker turnover
  • Reduce liabilities
  • Improve quality of work
  • Increase both personal and organizational health and safety
  • Increase overall quality of life for workers and their families

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