Fatigue Management

Alcohol and fatigue result in similar mental impairments. With this knowledge it is easy to understand why fatigue management and risk assessments are so critical in shift work safetyin areas such as control rooms, plant operations, emergency services, health care facilities, and transportation. It even impacts employees commuting to and from work.

Workplaces with work systems which encourage fatigue put their workforces at risk. Your organization probably has policies and procedures to deal with other impairments on the job. Does it consider fatigue as well?

 Consider the following fatigue management workshops:

Fatigue Risk Assessment

Identify, assess, and control moderate and high-risk activities, processes and procedures that lead to the development of cumulative fatigue including drowsiness and reduced alertness.

Fatigue Management Program Design

Mitigate fatigue driven risk through systematic program design, developed in consultation with stakeholders, and in line with Provincial/Federal Regulations and best practices.

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