Facility Design

Increase ROI

Incorporate ergonomics at the design stage and increase your return on investment. Identify and rectify problems before they become problems. Realize the greatest impact on productivity and efficiency by designing for your work and your workforcefrom the start.

Benefits of Ergonomics at the Design Stage

  • Design the most productive and safe work systems possible
  • Realize cost savings from lower injury rates, lower turnover and lower absenteeism
  • Reduce costly and less effective reactive fixes to problems 
  • Ensure compliance with the latest standards and legislation
  • Accommodate a wider range of worker abilities and work populations

workSMART's Approach

workSMART's approach is based on hard science. We work closely with our clients and regulatory bodies as well as incorporate national and international standards, including following the Plan-Do-Check-Act-model prescribed by CSA Standard Z1000: Occupational Health & Safety Management. Our approach to facility design is also aligned with CSA Standards Z1004: Workplace Ergonomics and Z412: Guideline to Office Ergonomics.

In line with the above standards, workSMART's process addresses planning, implementation, evaluation and continual improvement. We know the physical and cognitive characteristics of people and use this knowledge to identify and eliminate hazards or control their associated risks.

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