Equipment & Workstation Design

Have workers raised concerns about existing equipment or workstations? Going through a redesign? Introducing new equipment?

It can be tricky designing for a wide range of workersthere can be large differences in stature, strength, age and so forth. This is where an Ergonomist's knowledge of anthropometry (study of these physical characteristics in populations) and functional abilities is invaluable.

workSMART can help with the evaluation and design of equipment and workstations by,

  • Working with your operations team to incorporate ergonomics into new designs or redesigns
  • Evaluate existing workstations and equipment from an ergonomics perspective
  • Recommending modifications to existing workstations and equipment
  • Assisting in evaluation and purchase of new workstations and equipment
  • Conducting usability testing to ensure optimal specifications and functionality
  • Developing purchasing program guidelines in consultation with your organization (see our page on Purchasing Advisement Services)

Good ergonomic workstation and equipment design protects workers, ensures efficient and productive operations, and eliminates expensive and less effective fixes to design problems.

Design for your work. Design for your workforce. Get workSMART working for you

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